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Did you know? ...

There are over 50 decisions that will need to be made immediately following your death. In many cases the family members who are left behind to make these decisions on your behalf spend the difficult months following your death wondering if you would approve of the choices they made and the money they spent. Pre-Planning your funeral eliminates the unnecessary stress to loved ones completely. Pre-Planning and pre-paying for your funeral eliminates that financial burden also.

You still have a choice ...

We accept transfers from any other funeral home.

Over the years, many families have taken advantage of the benefit offered by funeral pre-arrangement made at other funeral homes. We believe in these advantages so much, we even honor those that were made. You can transfer your arrangements to Goble-Baronick without losing any benefits. Call us any time, if you have questions about transferring your arrangements from other funeral homes or if we can be of assistance in any way.

Are you interested in cremation ...?

If you are some what interested in cremation, there is really only one firm in the area you should call : Baronick Funeral Home & Crematorium Inc. We now have our own Crematory located on the Corner of North Stockdale Street and East Park Avenue in DuBois. That means our funeral directors and staff take care of everything from start to finish. There is no middleman used to run the crematory or used for transportation purposes. Please call us to set up a personal inspection of the crematory if you like.

We are here for everyone ....

We offer caring, professional service to all faiths.

At Baronick Funeral Home, we offer a wide variety of funeral arrangements that serve everyone no matter what race, religious affiliation or nationality. It is our sincere belief that caring for the people of our community is what matters the most.

Affordablity ...

We know cost can sometimes be a concern.

Everyone deserves a quality choice in a variety of price ranges to meet their budget. At the Baronick Funeral Home we have a wide range of funeral services to meet everyone's budget. We have a beautiful facility that is fully staffed with the fairest in the area. We believe that the very best doesn't have to cost any more, in fact, it may cost you less. We invite you to stop by any time to talk to us about our services and your choices.

Thank you for your time,

Jeff Baronick (Supervisor)

Baronick Funeral Home Inc.

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